Grand Canyon and its various rims:

The Grand Canyon in the northwest corner of Arizona, near the borders of Utah and Nevada. The Colorado River flows through the canyon and it drains water from seven states. The 4 parts of Grand Canyon are: North rim, South rim, West rim and East rim. 

Most of the Grand Canyon is within Grand Canyon National Park and is managed by the National Park Service. The two areas/ Rims managed by the National Park Service are the North Rim and the South Rim.

South rim is considered to be the best of all canyons because of its beautiful, dramatic and vast views. Its unique viewpoints showcasing different views of the canyon along with various facilities and activities around it makes it a popular destination to travel.

Grand Canyon West is managed by the Hualapai Indian tribe and is located 241 miles west of the South Rim, which is about a 4.5-hour drive. Havasu Canyon is located between Grand Canyon West and Grand Canyon South Rim. Also, Havasu Canyon is home for five world famous waterfalls namely: New Navajo Falls, Rock Falls, Mooney Falls, Havasu Falls and Beaver Falls.

Grand Canyon East, is located in an area that is along the Colorado River to the north and the east of the South Rim. The Antelope Canyons, Glen Canyon recreational area, Little Colorado River Tribal Park and Horseshoe Bend are some of the attractions that make Grand Canyon East a popular destination to visit. 

Grand Canyon North Rim is one that attracts fewer visitors out of all as its season is relatively short.  It is only open from mid-May through mid-October because of heavy snowfall during the winter months. Also, it is comparatively less accessible from most cities as compared to the other rims.

Grand Canyon- South Rim

On my first trip to Arizona, we decided to cover the much talked about the south rim and East Rim. We planned to stay in Flagstaff, as it is conveniently accessible to the Grand Canyon South and East Rim. On our 2 days expedition, the first day we covered the south rim along with Bearizona. The second day we covered the East rim on a day trip and then drove off to Vegas.

Things you need before you go to the tour:

To prepare for the upcoming trip check out the information and map below and plan the journey beforehand. I hope this information complied together and the tips would help you and make your trip awesome. Do comment or share the post if you like the information and it helps you.

The full map of the grand canyon south rim, of major viewpoints and directions, provided at the entry is below. You can also find it online for a link click here. This is the map you get and this is the track you follow at the canyon.

For information on grand canyon like events happening, weather conditions or alerts and updates check the site here. This is the site of National park service that manages and operates North rim and South rim of Grand Canyon. All that is happening can be found here.

We started our Grand Canyon south rim tour via the east entrance and completed the tour in about 4 hours. The first stop was Desert View Point. This was the first and offering one of the most amazing views of the canyon. A lot of tourists visit the south rim so expect it to be full of the crowd always.

The next stop was Navajo Point which offers amazing views of the canyon. Then off to the Lipan point. Furthermore, Tusayan Museum and ruins which were midpoint for us (you can use washrooms and fill up water bottles here). Next was the Moran point. The next point is highly recommended as it offers one of the best views from a few steps down. The Grand Viewpoint does justice to its name. The last Yaki point, we skipped this as a road for private vehicles was closed but was accessible through shuttle service.

Travel tips:

Must know things before visiting the Grand Canyon- South Rim:

  1. Entry Fees for Car: 35$

    Paid at the entry of the park where along with the entry they give you the map of South rim with the various viewpoints located along the rim.

  2. Weather

    Summertime, when we visited is very warm and dry, afternoon monsoon storm is possible around the months of July and August.  Daytime highs in summer run in 30-40 degrees Celsius, while the night time falls as low as 10 degrees. Spring and fall are said to be the best times of year weather-wise and are comparatively pleasant. Nights can be chilly. In wintertime, the temperatures run low and are as cold as -4 in daytime and nights even colder.

  3. Season

    Not only the south rim is open all year round but also, easily accessible to all as you can drive on your own or take tours by jeep, boat or helicopter. The amazing and beautiful scenic views offered make for memories of a lifetime.

  4. The Various Viewpoints of the South rim

    On your drive along the south rim, there are dozens of viewpoints along with many facilities and activities. You can stop at all or the few you pick to visit. All viewpoints offer a beautiful view of the majestic canyon, some more unique than others.

  5. What to wear or carry along:

    Certainly, summer is warm, sunny and dry, hence, it is advisable to wear something light and Airy. Cotton, Khadi’s and airy materials make a great choice. Do make sure to wear sunscreen(to save you from the crazy sun-tan), carry a cap, umbrella (to save from sun or occasional rain showers) and water for hydration. During spring and winter wear something warm or carry coats and warm clothes along.

  6. Time to cover the South Rim

    Although it totally depends upon everyone’s individual pace, a minimum of 4-5 hours would fly away on your trip here. Also, one piece of advice would be to enjoy the views of the grand canyon, but do keep a track of time, it flies before you realize! As per me apart from a few stops, the others don’t really need more than 10 minutes to stop time.


A fun drive yourself safari, where you can explore the animals in the wild. It definitely is one of the things to explore when traveling to Arizona. A few animals were bears, Arctic foxes, Deers, Reindeers, white and brown bison, etc.
The park is open every day from 8:00 a.m. and the last Car is admitted at 6:00 p.m. The park closes 2 hours after last posted admittance. The charges are 25$ per adult and 15$ for a child. A great experience, for everyone. And the bears do put up a great show. We went for 2 drives around the park and it was worth it.

To get more information on the park you can visit their official site here. You can buy tickets there or online on-site or through Viator.

Arctic Fox

Bedrock City, Arizona:

Flintstones themed amusement park, a roadside attraction at the corner of Arizona State Route 64 and U.S. Route 180 in Arizona. How cool is that? A park named Bedrock City, a version of Flintstone’s home town along with Fred and Barney’s home replicas and other joints and attractions from the famous cartoon. A one of a kind park. The entry fee is only $5 per person. Make sure to go while it lasts as the speculations are that it might be torn down soon. May you have a Yabba-Dabba-Doooo fun-filled experience at this place!

Grand Canyon: East Rim

The Grand Canyon East rim is located in the area along the Colorado River to the north and east of the South Rim. It consists of many amazing creations of nature. A day trip to the east rim to explore the various wonders of nature and man is a must on your trip to Arizona. It is also one of the rims which are becoming very popular these days because of the wonders offered here. To list a few are the antelope canyons, horseshoe bend, Glen Canyon dam, Colorado river, lake Powell, etc.

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