Namastay, this is our travel journal from around the world. Welcome to our travel and food blog. The blog all bout the travel stories of an Indian Origin (native from Jaipur, Rajasthan), vegetarian, an advocate and a dog lover girl who is residing in Silicon Valley at San Jose, California.

My travels are usually with my engineer husband, we both love to travel and have our own interest points at all the different places but the best part is we travel together to explore the interests of each other together so we get the most experience out of the trips. There would be places I never would have gone to if not for his wish to and missed a lot of things they all teach and tell us and vice versa for him.

I absolutely love to explore the variety of cuisines and food joints available wherever I go. I love to try the local food joints and all the possible local and international cuisines (vegetarian-friendly) as where else would you get the more authentic version of it. I love the local side to a place, it gives me immense pleasure to get to know about the customs, culture and values of the place.

I love to curate and plan my travel plans as it gives freedom to explore my interests at my pace and pleasure. When we go to a new place we all feel like aliens/ foreigners amongst locals. But I love how experiences from traveling make you understand and feel closer to the place, locals and the way of their life.

I hope these experiences from trips and tips we share help you out to plan your travel plans on places to visit, where to eat, stay, etc. I hope the stories of our travel inspires you to go and explore the world out there. You can message or comment if I can help you out in any of your plans. Feel free to contact us to give your suggestions for our upcoming travel.